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When you need it the most, we are there! Your quality of life is important to us, which is why we aim to empower our clients with cutting edge technology to process their claims without delay. Our process is uncomplicated, at your fingertips and supported by an experienced team you can rely on. We support and guide you through: the administrative, rehabilitation and future follow up service by providing professional advice and support to ensure that your claim receives the attention to detail it deserves.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a technologically advanced system that will empower every injured person to submit a claim and receive the compensation, rehabilitation and care they deserve.

Mission Statement

“Empowering the injured in regaining quality of life via the most convenient, secure, cost-effective claim management solution.”


With our secure technology and experienced partners, we can efficiently administer and manage your claim through a unique and improved claims process.

Claim Assessments

Our team of professionals will assist in assessing the validity of your claim as well as ensure that all the necessary documentation is collected and provide an estimated value of a claim.


Facilitation of Goods and Services

With the support of our professional partners, we provide services and products readily available to the claimant. We aim to lessen further stress and trauma by facilitating essential treatment and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

Professional Members

We give you direct access to professionals ranging from; Claims Caseworkers, Attorneys, Actuaries, Health and Allied Health Practitioners: Medical Orthotist and Prosthetists, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Paramedics, and First responders.

Claims Management

We manage your claim using an advanced network that interconnects relevant professionals. We believe that your rehabilitation and compensation should be fair and settled without delay through a custom service package designed according to each claimant’s personal needs.


Privacy and Protection Statement

Our secure administration system and confidential processes are designed to protect your rights, as well as the rights of our professional partners and service providers. We do this by assuring access to all required policy documents while respecting adherence to the regulations as set out by the official authority of the Republic of South Africa.


Post Claim Assessments

We aim to ensure all undertakings have been adhered to by evaluating and assessing the quantity and quality of devices and services provided throughout the treatment and rehabilitation process.

Annuscha Jansen van Vuuren

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